Glass Plant Engineers & Contractors

Glass Plant Engineers & Contractors



Utilising the latest design packages and modelling techniques, every furnace is designed to suit clients’ specific requirements with consideration given to factors including product type, glass quality, fuel efficiency, campaign life, site conditions and environmental compliance.


We understand the importance of your investment and waste no time in taking your project to completion; we run tight schedules and are fully committed to the deadlines and guarantees established.


Keeping abreast of the latest technology and transferring this to your furnace design enables higher melting rates and more efficient energy consumption and could result in refined glass quality, longer campaign life, improved output and reduced emissions.


Tecoglas specialises in the supply and installation of recuperative, regenerative, oxy-fuel and electric melt furnaces for the complete range of glass types.

We are part of the TECO Group, one of the world leaders in glass furnace design and melting technology.

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